Using course documents

Using this student guide and other documents provided for your course is a simple process and may be done using the hyperlink indexes found within most documents or the find function available for both Word and PDF documents.

Navigating course documents

Using the hyperlink index

Many Synergy central documents will have a hyperlink index which you can use to navigate through the documents to find whatever section you are looking for perhaps to understand a process or how to do something, or to source information needed to answer questions or undertake activities.

In both Word and PDF versions of the resource documents, the indexes are hyperlinked. This means that if you hold your mouse over the subject and click on it, it will take you directly to the part of the document that contains the information under that heading. When you hover over an item in the index the cursor (mouse pointer) will change from a narrow into a small hand, indicating the presence of the hyperlink. In Word documents, after a couple of seconds a message will appear telling you that clicking with a mouse will follow the hyperlink.

Usually you only need to left click with the mouse and you’ll be taken to that part of the document, however in some cases you need to hold the control key down as you left click with the mouse. Where this is required, it will say so in the message that pops up when you hover over the index item.

Using the find function

In both Word and PDF documents, if you hold down the control key and press the F key, search options will pop up as follows:

In MS Word a navigations sidebar will appear to the left of the screen. When you type in a keyword or group of words, for example “Fitness appraisals” a list of areas where this appears will populate the left-hand navigation box. You can then click on each to see if the information you are seeking is in that selection.

In PDF documents, when you hold down the control key and type F a search box will appear. Once again if you type in a keyword or group of words, there will be two boxes which give you the option to go to the next or previous occurrence of what you typed in.

These functions can assist you in quickly searching for key information within the resources.