Transfer of enrolment

To another person

In some circumstances it may be reasonable to transfer the enrolment from one person to another at the request of the role learner. In such cases the entitlement for the transfer of enrolment will only be for the equivalent of any uncompleted portions and timeframes of the course providing:

• The RTO agrees to the transfer
• The transfer has been requested for what the RTO agrees are valid reasons
• Relevant course fees have been paid
• The agreed term allowed for the training has not expired
• The learner making the request is not broken the participant code of conduct

To another course

There are some circumstances where it is necessary for people to transfer to another course, for example when qualifications are superseded and there is not enough time to complete the course in a transition period. There may also be reasons where Synergy Central will grant and transferred to another course to meet an individual’s needs, providing they are legitimate and warrant the transfer.

Transfer fee

Synergy may charge a modest transfer fee when people transferred to another course in circumstances where courses have been superseded, or the course been transferred to is of a similar value.

Where the transfer is to a course which has a higher level of fees, the difference between the fees paid for the original course and the new course will have to be paid.