Recognition of prior learning (including recognition of current competency) is the process by which a learner can provide evidence that they ready hold competencies (certifications, skills, experience) for an area of the course and are seeking an exemption from those activities.

In most cases RPL is sought for an entire unit of competency rather than a particular task.

The process with Synergy Central requires the learner to complete and RPL kit for the course or part of the course that they are seeking exemptions for. If the evidence they can provide supports their claim, then RPL can be granted.

The most common mistake with RPL is that people think because they have a higher qualification or a qualification they think is similar, that they simply show their evidence and they receive the RPL.

A good example of this woud be someone with a degree in human movement automatically thinking they have for RPL for a certificate IV in fitness.

Although the degree is a level VII qualification and the fitness is only a level IV qualification, there are specific requirements in the certificate IV that are not necessarily addressed in the degree. For example, group exercise and group training sessions, personal training sessions, etc, are not commonly covered in a degree of human movement. An applicant would have to show what additional evidence they have to fill the gaps.

RPL requires evidence that addresses everything in a unit of competency and not just something that at face value appears to address the name of the unit.