CHIEF INSTRUCTOR: Sifu John Suttle (System Head – Lung Fu Jin Fa)


Instructor – Rikki Burkett  0403 970 560

Si Hing – Rob Legat        0417 751 293

Sifu – John Suttle            0423 234 388

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“Success Comes From Within”


 To promote the enhancement of the lives of people using principles and activities, which encourage self-responsibility and wholesome development?


 To be more developed tomorrow, than we are today and in being so enhance the community, the greater whole, and ourselves

Lung Fu Jin Fa is a multifaceted, and to some degree a multicultural, system of personal development, life skills, business skills, Martial Arts, philosophical understanding, and community development. Lung Fu Jin Fa combines Eastern and Western concepts, practices, theories, and traditional values together and as such is somewhat unique in its approach and elements. Although the core principles and protocols stem from a Chinese Martial Arts foundation, Lung Fu Jin Fa is suitable for the development of individuals, groups, organisations, and businesses in all areas of society. Synergy Central Pty Ltd is an example of how these principles outreach and promote LFJF values within the business world. Some people will embrace the entire system and all it has to offer, where others will be involved in areas of the system that meet the call of their particular journey.

Sifu Yitman Li studied numerous Martial Arts including: Pak Hoc, Choy Li Fut, Wing Chun, Kune Li Kune, Jeet Kune, Moc Gar, Southern Mantis, Pak Mai, Tai Chi, Judo, and Taekwondo, and later Muay Thai techniques, courtesy of his brother who lived and fought in Thailand. Sifu combined several styles into a complimentary format; styles that he felt presented a good cross reference and basis of both Northern & Southern Chinese techniques. In line with Chinese protocol he used a neutral name, “Tei Kung Fu (Kick Kung Fu)” so that his teachers and other styles would not be offended at comparisons to their original arts. This allowed for variation and combination without political and cultural backlash, or least that was what was intended. Sifu was ostracised by many in the Chinese Community because he took on and embraced western students at a time when it was still an issue with many traditional Chinese Instructors, including several of Sifu’s teachers.

In the early 1980s Sifu departed from Australia and signed the authority of KKF to his senior student, John Suttle who continued to develop KKF and added techniques and theories from anywhere he could gain more knowledge. Upon hearing of his Sifu’s death in 1994, Mr Suttle became the Sifu of KKF. Over the years he added kickboxing, Jujitsu, Weapons, and various philosophies from several cultures but retained the Chinese basis within which these elements were added. As long as it is wholesome, practical, and complimentary, new knowledge is constantly added to the style, which is in essence developmental and ever evolving. This change is only possible by keeping the core values and traditions true and wholesome; so all that is added must match these values, and core theories upon which the style is based. Sifu Suttle also added western business practices, coaching principles, and developmental theories and KKF started to evolve into a holistic development medium.

After a time, the senior members of the system agreed to change the name to one which more accurately represents the values and essence of the style, and to give a fresh beginning to something that had evolved and grown.

Lung Fu Jin Fa was born and is a Martial Art in the true sense of the word, meaning a way of living and acting that benefits the individual, the group, and the community through the development of the mind, body, and the spirit in a systemised, benevolent, and positive manner. Like many philosophical cultures, it is a way of thinking and acting with a view of a greater path for all concerned.

There are many and various types of disciplines under the term “Martial Arts” some are purely for fighting, other for sport, or monetary gains, and others as systems of life development of which we are such an art. We have elements of all the others, but we are still primarily about helping people achieve their potential.

LFJF is not for everyone, and nor should it be. For those that it suits, it is a solid wholesome system of personal development, and for others, a sport, hobby, or means to deal with life traumas. For others it is not suitable at all, and that is something that we need to accept and respect as LFJF is about free choice, individual growth, and wholistic benefit.

LFJF principles see success as something that comes from within, but only when the individual has chosen for it to do so.