Marking assessments

Workbooks and other assessment tasks are normally marked within 7-10 business days (again not including weekends).

When you have completed an entire unit i.e. all the questions, please message your assessor to let them know.

They will then mark the unit once I know it has been fully completed.

Your assessor won’t assess any submitted work until you ask them to ensure you are happy with you submission.

Please submit completed units one at a time, as opposed to completing all your units and then submitting them all at once.

This will inevitably speed up the marking process and you won’t be waiting as long for your submitted units to be marked your, and also allows for any reviews or corrections that may be necessary on your part.

Just to repeat, message your assessor when you want a unit assessed as they don’t see every activity you have completed on their screen, and when you message them you should alert them to the fact that assessment needs to be done for you


You should include more than less i.e. as much depth and detail as possible in all your answers. This will save you time in that you won’t keep on getting feedback from your assessor, to and forth saying things like, “not enough detail”, “please expand”, “too brief” etc. Your answer needs to be detailed and descriptive enough at the appropriate qualification and standards level of whatever course you are doing, for example a Diploma, Certificate IV etc.


Students are nominally allowed a minimum of 3 (three) submit attempts per activity, however, where an assessor feels additional attempts would not meet with a satisfactory outcome, additional attempts may not be granted.

It is not specifically one question or section etc that is graded separately, but a whole unit.

Each unit is graded as competent or not competent.

Your trainer/assessor is here to assist you, but to do so they need you to ask questions and asked for advice using the contact assessor function in your learner portal.

When you have successfully completed a unit, your results will show on your transcript as Competent, regardless of how many submit attempts it took you.