Learner support

Ongoing learner support is provided to Synergy Central learners via:

• Helpdesk function by email info@synergycentral.com.au
• Helpdesk by phone 1300 192 141
• Online resources available in VASTO e-learning system
• Student portal on VASTO e-learning system, which allows direct contact between the learner and the allocated assessor
• FAQs on Synergy Central’s website www.synergycentral.com.au
• Synergy central student newsletter (coming in 2015)
• Dedicated support videos available online (coming in 2015)
• Workshops (Gold Coast)

The above are the foundation elements of the Synergy Central learner support suite. Synergy Central is not limited by the above, and reserves the right to provide additional support or guidance as it sees fit on a case-by-case basis.