Course Duration & Timeframes

Most courses need to be completed within 12 months from enrolment and commencement.

You can complete the course more quickly than this depending on your experience, aptitude, time availability, and access to resources and/or other assistance.

There is no problem for those that need the full 12 months.

If you do not complete within 12 months, then you can apply for a three-month extension at a fee of $150 (subject to any guidelines and restrictions from the NVR regulator).

Your online trainer/assessor cannot help you or do anything about this or waver this fee etc, and applications for an extension should be directed to

The onus is really on you, to manage your own study schedule etc to have it completed within 12 months or less, and to utilise the support available through the system.

Trainers/assessors cannot help you, if you don’t contact or message them using the message function within the system!

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Here is an approximate breakdown of hours per week, regarding a study schedule, which you may like to use as a guide for an average course:

9 hrs per week = will take approx 1 year to complete a course;
18 hrs per week = approx 6 months;
27 hrs per week = approx 3 months;

We suggest that you complete one unit at a time i.e. read all of the unit content, answer all the questions for that unit, then submit for marking etc.

Once you have submitted for marking, again please message me to let your assessor know, and then commence the next unit.

To recap please submit completed units one at a time, as opposed to completing all your units and then submitting them all at once.