Conditions of enrolment

Synergy Central will only and enrol people who agree to the terms and conditions set for study with Synergy Central.

Synergy Central’s terms and conditions have been created against and meet the requirements of:

• The NVR standards 2015
• ASQA guidelines
• The National Privacy Principles

Included in Synergy Central’s terms and conditions are items that relate to:

• Participant code of conduct
• Refund policy
• Commitment to engage in learning and assessment activities
• Agreement to provide information required by the RTO for compliance (AVETMISS)

Synergy Central Pty Ltd agrees to provide access to available enrolment positions for all persons who have the relevant skills, experience, and ability to satisfactorily meet enrolment requirements for behaviour, safety, course/qualification pre-requisites, payment of fees, and the observance of Synergy Central Pty Ltd policy.

Synergy Central Pty Ltd may seek to refuse initial enrolment or terminate or suspend the enrolment of an enrolled student if they:

• Do not comply with the Synergy Central Pty Ltd Participant’s Charter

• Do not comply with proper safety procedures.

Fail to attend training sessions to a minimum level identified for the assessment process competence. Back to index

• Have not accurately or honestly disclosed all information relevant to their enrolment and participation in the training with SC including relevant matters relating to health, work history, skills and experience, criminal conviction (where appropriate) etc.

• Has provided false or misleading information.

• Commit an offence under the law while in the training environment or at a workplace, breaches safe work practice, or otherwise acts in a manner detrimental to the wellbeing of Synergy Central Pty Ltd, other students or persons, or themselves.

• Do not comply with the confidentiality rights of other persons

• Are rude and aggressive(including swearing at) Synergy Central staff, other learners, or other persons while engaged in training with Synergy Central

Synergy staff will not accept abuse, raised voices, threats, or aggressive behaviour from learners.

Special conditions

In some circumstances, for example where courses are delivered under a corporate rate, through brokerage, or some other special circumstances then there may be additional conditions applied to the enrolment of learners.

For example, if enrolment was through the purchase of a voucher, gift voucher, or other third party mechanism then additional and all specific conditions may apply to enrolment. Such conditions may include but not be limited to:

• Validation or redemption through a mechanism required for the process
• Specific timeframes for commencement, completion, refunds, etc
• Other variations as needed to meet the process

Participant code of conduct

All participants in the RTO’s courses and programs have a right to:

• Be treated with respect and dignity
• A safe learning environment free from danger, abuse or harassment
• Recognition of their particular needs and circumstances including: beliefs, ethnic background, cultural and religious practices as practical and reasonable
• Have access to their own records on request
• The opportunity for feedback on services provided
• Receive a copy of and have access to our complaints process

Participant Responsibility

As a condition of entry into the RTO’s programs, participants are expected to:

• Respect the rights of others
• Be punctual for classes and appointments
• Conduct themselves in a poor light and socially acceptable manner
• Notify the RTO if they are unable to attend classes or appointments, or otherwise engage in training and or assessment
• Ensure they do not engage in aggressive or rude behaviour (including swearing) directed towards Synergy Central staff, other learners, or other persons
Where a learner’s behaviour is in breach of the participant code of conduct, the learner’s enrolment may be terminated. Where a learner’s enrolment is terminated due to a breach of the code of conduct, there will be no refund.