Complaints and Appeals

Synergy takes all complaints seriously and will advise enrolled students of their right to lodge complaints and appeals using Synergy’s 3 Step appeals process.

Synergy will ensure this information is available to learners in advance of any enrolment or contract by any or all of the following:

• Details provided on Synergy’s publically accessible website.
• In pre-enrolment information supplied to learners such as information packs and or student handbooks.
• In emails or other written advice.


Synergy’s 3 step appeals process is as follows:



The issue can be raised directly with your facilitator/assessor.

If you are not satisfied with the result or action you may then undertake a complaint or appeal through Step 2


A. The complainant may raise this issue in writing with Synergy or have Synergy staff take notes regarding the complaint. After receiving the written/noted complaint, Synergy will receipt the complaint and will arrange for a confidential personal interview as soon as practically possible, preferably within 48 hours.

B. This interview will attempt to resolve the complaint either between the parties involved or between the complainant and Synergy.

C. If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant the grievance will be forwarded to the Chief Executive of Synergy Central PO Box 1742, Oxenford 4210,   for actioning

If the grievance concerns a Synergy staff member, STEP 2(c) will automatically follow.


The complainant may at any point in this process action their grievance with:

• A trade union, or association
• The Anti-Discrimination Board.

All issues, complaints and grievances are taken seriously by the staff and management of our business and will be investigated and acted upon as quickly as possible.

Complainants will be informed in writing about actions taken on their behalf and confidentiality will be maintained to ensure the rights of the complainant are upheld.

Synergy Central

PO Box 1742
Oxenford QLD 4210