All assessment tasks in Synergy Central courses have been designed to be user-friendly and easy to follow, yet appropriately address the requirements specified within the units of competency. Assessment task in Synergy Central courses may include but not be limited to:

• Written test
• Oral questioning
• Practical activities
• Projects
• Portfolio
• On the job assessment
• Simulation

All new materials developed from January 2014 will utilise Synergy Central’s latest approach in providing instructions for an undertaking assessments. Usually delivery will be undertaken utilising our online learning platform (VASTO), but we needed may be undertaken using workbooks and documents provided by email.

The simple approach taken with our activities not only provides the task you need to complete but also indicates where information or activity may be undertaken to more easily complete the task.

Learner declaration

For assessment tasks that are not completed online, the learner will need to provide a signed declaration indicating that the work was their own.